SANGFROID [Central Saint Martins Foundation Degree Final Unit 2019]

SANGFROID final look photographed by roger dean model: mila rowyszyn Exhibited at the Lethaby Gallery, London, April 2019. mesh gloves with ‘rash’ scuba prints development charity shop draping + silhouette exploration with xeroxed paper prints [scrapped] toile idea development process   post-drape design development sketching

Album of the Month: SHEER HEART ATTACK [1974]

Queen’s 1974 melange of prog rock, glam, and traditional metal might not sound particularly appealing to the youths of today hunkering for the tunes on the more mainstream Billboard pop charts, but as someone who was also raised on a stream of 80s/2010s pop, I can wholeheartedly assure any fellow doubters that Sheer Heart Attack might…

IB Survival Tips from a 44/45 Scorer

IB can be stressful – but wholly achievable. In fact, Buzzfeed actually devoted a whole page of relatable memes about the trials of the Diploma. No matter if you’ve just started, are one year into the program, or are nearing your final exams, I hope that these tricks might give you some inspiration on how to organise your own workload, and speed your way forward to the score you’re aiming for.

Pork & Co. (Pulled Pork Never Tasted Sow Good)

After trying Pork & Co.‘s famous pulled pork last May in Canterbury, Kent, sandwiched between golden brown, perfectly toasted bread slathered right in the middle with gooey macaroni and cheese, let me just assure you that it’s the best pulled pork I may have ever tasted! (…and you have to try it to believe it)…

Cellophane by FKA Twigs… [a cover]

I’ve always been very much in awe of FKA Twigs – her style, her confidence and ownership of her own sensuality, artistry, and most importantly – her piercing game! Up until now though, I never listened to her music. Even though I didn’t understand it then, I appreciate and love it a lot more now….

5-Minute Poem Exercise

I haven’t touched any poetry since I finished my high school diploma! We had about five minutes to come up with something quickly on the spot and deliver it straightaway at our UAL Drama Society session this week, and here’s mine – The Last Time I Studied Keats The last time I studied Keats I…

REIGN VINTAGE Sequin Bustier Top

I got this bustier top two days ago at Reign Vintage in Soho, London. It didn’t have any straps to hold it up, and had a couple of missing ends on the threads, so I added the straps myself and repaired the patches that needed some extra love –

Piercing at Astrid & Miyu

A review of both jewelry purchases and ear piercing experience at Astrid & Miyu in St. Christopher’s Place, an independent earring brand in London; everyone in the store was extremely helpful and gave me lots of advice on…

Shopping Soundtrack, May 2019

Sorry for what has almost been a year-long hiatus! I’m back! Here’s a few songs I picked up this week while (window) shopping in London yesterday. Think Beyond Retro, Reign Vintage, and our last pit-stop (before all the shops close for the night): Topshop. Even though I’ve sworn off buying fast fashion and no longer…

A Weekend in Paris

Day 1 – Père Lachaise Cemetery Vintage Malaysian Sand & Sun printed cotton top, Restyle corset, Japanese patchwork printed wrap skirt, Pedder Red suede shoes, and glitter socks from the 100円 shop in Kyoto. Day 2 – Montmartre Silver earrings made by me, vintage/given jewelry, Italian checkered wool coat from Three Star Kyoto, Chinese embroidered…