Maquillage Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

I’ve been looking for some eyeliner that doesn’t give you black smudged panda eyes after 2 hours of doing absolutely nothing, and after considerable testing, I find that the best eyeliner pen I’ve found is the Maquillage Perfect Fine Liner. It’s completely and utterly waterproof, and it’s got a brush tip for easy application and variation of brushstroke thickness. This eyeliner is perfect for drawing cats eyes and you can buy cartridge refills. I didn’t even have to put powder on my eyelids to stop smudging.

I have another fine eyeliner as well from shu uemura. Costs 280 HKD. Similarly produces effortless lines, although since the weather in Hong Kong is often damp and humid, this one smudges; and since I only really use it to line my upper lashline, it tends to produce annoying grey marks on my waterline.

photo 2   photo 3
Left to Right: shu uemura in top and maquillage in bottom, demonstrating brushstrokes
Maquillage Eyeliner:
shu uemura Eyeliner:


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  1. makeuplovelu says:

    omg i love your blog your amazing! will you check out my blog please leave some feedback cause i only just started

    1. chezzachooun says:

      hiya! me too, i’ve just started my fashion blog too and don’t worry, i’ll definitely check your blog out 😉

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