Pencil Eyeliner (3 Concept Eyes)

A favourite makeup brand of mine is 3 Concept Eyes. It’s a Korean store and they have one-two stores in Hong Kong. They have a very bright, neon colour-based range, and everything just pops out. One of my particular favorites are their eyeliners. Here are the colours that I use the most frequently; #WICKED and #CHICAGO. Both of them have subtle sparkles, and are brown and deep purple respectively. The texture is nice and soft, and these two colours photo 2 (4)are great for night-time or can be used on their own when you want to be subdued but with a little flair. They come with sharpeners at the ends, are waterproof and are about 98 HKD for 1 (3)

I also have some more vivid colours, for example #MOJITO and #OZ. The first one is a startling neon turquoise blue-green, which, when stroked on your lashline, makes your eyes really pop. It feels creamy and doesn’t smudge. #OZ is a pearly white colour, which when applied to the inner corners of your eye, highlight and make them look bigger and more alert.

photo 2 (2)

dark sparkling shades:

neon/bright pastel no-sparkle shades:

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