Lancôme Lipstick (230M)

While flying to Sydney my mom insisted on buying a duty-free exclusive 3-pack of lipsticks for herself to use since the weather was so chilly (it was winter down under when I visited). They came in three different shades, and she ‘donated‘ one to me, ‘230M‘.
I applied some and was stunned at how it seamlessly melded into my normal lip colour. On the box it says that this tone was produced with Asian skin tones in mind, and you can find this online at Lancôme and their stores (I’ll add the link under this post). It’s very moisturizing, and doesn’t dry out your lips at all. The colour delivery is quite good, and has a natural sheen, not too glossy. I’ve never been a particular fan of gloss, so this was a real hit for me.


Link to Lancôme’s “Rouge In Love” lipsticks:


One Comment Add yours

  1. ridajafar says:

    That colour looks so sexy!! ❤ I need that haha

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