Åland Mesh Crop Jumper/Top

My all-time-favourite Korean store in Hong Kong would most probably be Åland (which is at Lee Theatres in Causeway Bay). Their designs are fresh and innovative, and feature items from 3.3 Field Trip etc. They’re not unwearable (like the wonderfully crazy clothes you see on runways but would be inappropriate for your everyday routine) but still maintain a sense of retro/70-80s vibes, space-age feel, quirkiness and simplicity all rolled into one.
Besides, who doesn’t love having a picture of a fish on your bag?

So about two weeks ago, I purchased a beautiful mesh crop-jumper from the store for 109 HKD at a sale (70% off, which was a pretty good deal). The crop-jumper/top is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. I’m not sure whether I should say whether it’s a top or a jumper, seeing as it’s made of mesh and therefore doesn’t really keep you warm, but it just resembles a jumper.



I’m in love with the fabric. It’s slightly tougher than mosquito netting, and then on top, cut-out cotton has been appliquéd on top instead of sewn, so it creates a thicker, more 3D effect.

Anyway, I’ve found it’s pretty versatile; I can wear this with a plain cami/tank top underneath (you could wear something neon underneath for oomph) and jeans, shorts, foam skirts etc. Mesh works with a lot of things; take for example Lorde‘s buzzcut season video, in which she is seen wearing a black mesh top which looks super sporty but punk/goth.


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