bareMinerals skin routine

I got a bunch of bareMinerals products a few months ago (courtesy of imagemom) and have been trying them out to see if they were any good:

– Hydrate and Nourish Moisturizer
– Active Cell Renewal Night Gel
– spf 30 Natural Sunscreen (UVA/UVB Protection)
– Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser

The Hydrate and Nourish Moisturizer isn’t thick – it’s more on the liquidy side – and can be spread smoothly over skin, leaving a nice, lightweight finish. I use it in the morning because it doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky.

image_5After that, I use the spf 30 Natural Sunscreen. It basically comes in a fat tube that’s easy to grip. The sunscreen is essentially a tinted powder, which suits me especially because it effectively covers up my blemishes, and also because I really don’t like traditional liquid sunscreen because it feels really sticky and gross! The sunscreen comes in different shades, depending on your skin tone you might want a different shade (mine was for medium skin tones).
To use it, you twist the bottom of the tube and then the brush comes up. There are different settings so that you can control the flow of the powder. The brush is also detachable for easy washing.image_2

The Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser apparently has this ActiveSoil Complex that they developed with minerals. I’m not sure about that aspect but I don’t really mind; I guess it’s a bonus. The cleanser is essentially a water-activated powder. When mixed with water it creates a nice paste (you can change its consistency however you like with how much water you add). I think it has some exfoliating beads in it, but they aren’t too rough on your skin. It comes with a brief introduction/explanatory pamphlet tucked into the packaging.

Lastly, the Active Cell Renewal Night Gel is pretty self-explanatory. I use it during the night, right before I go to sleep. Its consistency is much thicker than the moisturizer, but isn’t oily and leaves skin feeling really silky. I haven’t had any outbreaks while using this, which is great. This also comes with a explanatory pamphlet thing and is packaged just as nice as the other products.

Overall, I find that these products don’t clog up my pores and are really useful, especially since I have oily/sensitive skin and tend to have acne here and there –  plus the packaging is really nice! I would definitely repurchase these.

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