Clockenflap 2014

I know, the name sounds wrong if you take away the ‘l’s – no less than 5IMG_1266.PNG people have told me that – but trust me, it has nothing to do with wrongness.

Clockenflap is an annual music festival held in Hong Kong, and this was its 7th year. The festival lasts three days – from Friday to Sunday, and you can buy tickets depending on which days you want to attend. The people who run it essentially invite a bunch of bands from all around the world (different every year), some of the most notable include most recently; The 1975, Franz Ferdinand, The Flaming Lips, Chvrches, Rudimental, and The Vaccines, but to name a few. It happened last weekend, and it being my first concert, I found it incredible.
This year, I went with my friends, who were all pretty hyped up about The Vaccines who were scheduled to play on Friday. Our tickets (essentially our very own exclusive QR codes which could only be scanned once) cost 390 HKD because we’d gotten the under-18 price. On arrival, we received ribbon-tag bracelets which showed the date we were authorised and our age group.

It was dark, but the harbour front lights lit up everything and gave it a magical atmosphere; comfortable light making the surrounding grass glow, and there were comfortable places where you could sit down and drink beer (although with strict rules on underage drinking and a no-drug-use policy). There were areas for smokers as well. With the festival situated at the waterfront, ‘pretty awesome’ was an understatement.IMG_0284

The first artist we heard were Chvrches (a band from Scotland. Current most popular track: The Mother We Share The sound was so loud that you could feel the vibration of the beat. We’d arrived a little bit late, but we managed to catch the last three songs. (Tether, Recover and The Mother We Share)

Afterwards, we ran across the grass to the Replay stage (there were various stages at the venue for different acts to appear simultaneously) and waited for The Raveonettes to come up. They played the song featured on the Clockenflap advertisement, Recharge & Revolt.


And finally, after ordering slices of pizza from one of the numerous stalls of Pizza Express, came the act that we’d been dying to watch – the main attraction of the night, given that everyone started flocking to the Replay Stage 15 minutes earlier where they were scheduled to play – The Vaccines!
They played all their best songs; If You Wanna, Post Break Up Sex, Weirdo, Nøorgard, Wetsuit etc., plus a couple of the newest songs from their upcoming album (If You Wanna: ). It was amazing and they did not disappoint at all. The crowd kept jumping up and down and wildly waving their hands to the thrumming of the electric guitars.


Overall, Clockenflap was a pretty amazing experience, something I would definitely go to watch again next year!


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