recent photographs

Last month I went on my first-ever trip to America, where we visited New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Maryland, Boston, Lancaster, Philadelphia, and New Jersey, the latter of which I stayed at for the majority of our time there since my uncle offered to “Bed-and-Breakfast” at his house, which was super generous of him!

I remember on our first day in New York, I felt so small and like an intruder. As if people could look at me, instantly identify me by my actions and say, “Ha! tourists”.

But of course, most people just don’t care. At the time though, I was so nerve-wracked that that was the thought that pervaded every inch of my head and filled me with terror. I’d even heard of something called the Manhattan once-over, and if it truly existed I hoped I was passable.

In the end though, we did manage to cover a lot of places, things to do (and eat) in those 3 weeks, including; seeing Chicago on Broadway which was utterly hilarious, eating multiple times at Eataly near Flatiron, visiting a ton of monuments (and the Bloomberg offices which I can personally attest was a pretty cool experience, seeing as they’ve got food on practically every level we visited),  and also touring universities like NYU (which my cousin goes to) and Columbia with the Johns Hopkins University team.

But the main point of this post is to share photos, so here they are. I tried to do as little editing as possible.





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