vintage hand-me-downs

Just before we left for the U.S., my mom magically conjured some of her old clothes out of nowhere.

I’ll be honest, when she whipped them out for me to try, I secretly wondered how the heck I was going to wear them in real life. While I loved practically all of the clothes, I live in Hong Kong; a land where most people normally opt for low-key, back-to-basics kind of looks, which is totally fine too since that’s what I do as well on a daily basis. But there aren’t a lot of crazy vintage fashion daredevils here.

Anyway, as my summer holidays near an end I decided to screw it. I thought to myself that I should really make the most of my numbered uniformless-days. I picked out my mom’s silk wide-legged pants and paired it with a crop top and heels.

I did consider going for a staple black top but I thought that’d be boring, so I wore this royal blue top instead. My mom also lent me a necklace she bought in Japan when she was a flight attendant 🙂


you see how wide these pants are?

(please disregard the complete disarray of face+hair)

Earrings – Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Necklace – vintage Butler & Wilson

Crop top – H&M

Watch – Timex for JCrew

Pants – vintage SONNEUR

Heels – Nine West


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