Healthy Ice

After I heard about nice-cream – ice cream that’s both healthy and vegan-friendly – I decided to try make some. 

The first time I tried making some, I mushed up two bananas with a spoon, dunked in a handful of chopped kiwi, left it in the fridge and the next day…QUELLE HORREUR!! 

 The banana had somewhat oxidised and gone brown on the surface. Yikes. 

Determined not to waste it, my mom hacked the rock-hard fruit ice cube apart with a spoon, destroying the box in the process. Lucky for us, it tasted pretty good 🙂

Since then I’ve learnt my lesson of using lemon juice to stop the oxidation (I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking) and gone on to actually use an electric blender rather than simply bashing the banana into an unappetising, lumpy mush. Results vary, but my mom managed to make this really nice sugar-free sorbet-type mix which tastes amazing.

And since I’m not much of a vegan, I get the best of both worlds and eat it with Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 

A typical nice-cream:

(This photo is not mine) 

Here is my semi-frozen nice-cream-sorbet-type-success-story. 

Yes, it actually looks better in real life.  


  • Raspberries
  • Banana
  • Pears

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    looks yummy
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