Ile de la Réunion

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while; I’ve been trying to improve on my time management skills and it hasn’t quite worked out. Hoping for better days though.

Anyway, two weeks ago I went to La Réunion for 10 days, and island just off the coast of Mauritius with the rest of the French students in my year. The island is reputed for its vanilla, cane sugar, and other fresh produce.

High up in the mountains. In the background you can even see the layer of clouds, which gives an indication of how high up we were. The landscape had a real Sound of Music vibe. Left to Right: Francesca, Kina, Chandini, me, Reese, and Andrea
IMG_7954 (2)
My host family (Thierry and Veronique). Kina (far left) and Eugenie (right) came for dinner on the last night – Kina is a student in my year who stayed with Eugenie’s family.


We did lots of different cultural activities such as making a musical instrument known as a “Kayamb“, IMG_7883 (2)created our own perfumes at the distillery in Le Tampon…and other less cultural activities such as paint-balling, transparent kayaking (at the Trou d’eau which means ‘water hole’ and was a closed-off, coral and sea life-filled lagoon which was safe to swim in) and finally, zip-lining (at La Forêt des Makes)! And of course, we also had daily French lessons and were expected to communicate with people in French.

Small, seawater nudibranchs

We stayed with a host family for 4 nights, and in dorms at Centre Jacques-Tessier for 4 nights. My host family was really nice, and they were called Veronique and Thierry, and I stayed alone with them for 4 nights – 3 dinners, 5 breakfasts. They scuba dive often, and maintained a really cool saltwater aquarium filled with colourful, exotic nudibranchs.

IMG_7751 (2)
The view as we took a connecting flight from Mauritius to La Reunion, which was a mere 30 minutes. In total, the travelling time took about 11 hours.
sunset at the beach – 1st night

The highlight of every day would be getting to see the sea as we drove around the island. It was really breathtaking – frankly quite unlike anything I have ever seen before. During the sunset, the sea and sky would somewhat meld together, as fiery as forged metal. It looked so beautiful, powerful and calm at the same time. It was so flat, too!

Looking at the sea just made you feel like you were standing at the edge of the world. The best day was on the first night, when me and my friends snuck out to the seaside to take pictures and wade in the rock pools. Of course, we stayed away from going into the sea itself as nighttime is always dangerous due to sharks!


All in all, I think this trip was pretty fun, and my listening skills in French have had a marked improvement. But I still think the trip I took last year to Mongolia has got to be the best school trip I’ve been on yet!

FullSizeRender (7)


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