my first (and probably last) designer ‘thing’

I received this Tory Burch shirt from my mom a year ago. At first, I thought there was nothing special and, thinking it was too big, hid it away in my closet.

Fast forward 2016, and it fits beautifully, and I finally appreciate the unique design! The stripes are actually really evenly painted, parallel brushstrokes, which speak to my inner pretentious artist (!!). Jokes aside, the calming blue tones and fun stripes go with my personality because I really do like art and design. The logo here serves as a focal point and design feature, making you really look twice at the special stripes (this is coming from a person who detests logo shirts).

The hat is from a street store in Kyōto, jogger pants from Uniqlo, and this backpack by Bag n’ Noun is pretty damn handy – I bought it secondhand from a shop in Hokkaido and it accompanies me everywhere!



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