vintage daisy print palazzo pants

After an unsuccessful day out trying to be a photographer due to an unfortunate mix of poor weather conditions, stress and bad photography, I hereby present you a few images from last year.

I’m feeling some pressure due to the Interhouse Photography contest right now. I’ve been chosen as one of the top 30 from the school and we’re supposed to come up with images for the theme Hong Kong: Old and New. Honestly, I don’t feel very inspired, and truth be told I don’t think that photography is a skill that I’m particularly good at. I just like taking photos and making them look somewhat interesting. To have all the expectations to live up to, not to mention short time constraints, feels suffocating.

Enough of that; these pants are by far the coolest, hippest (does anyone even use that word anymore? I worry that even the term ‘hipster’ has been rendered meaningless) pair in my arsenal. Again, this pair is from my mom – unfaded, pastel daisy print in all its elegant glory. I decided to match it with a striped shirt for no obvious reason.


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