Theory of Knowledge

I started IB three weeks ago, but still feel slightly stymied by Theory of Knowledge (more commonly referred to as ToK). Just in case, if you’re a believer or are religious, I apologize if you ever feel offended. But for the sake of homework, this is what we’re doing:

The statement “God exists” is not verifiable, and is therefore meaningless to positivists. Is it falsifiable?
The statement that God exists seems to be neither verifiable nor falsifiable. We do not know for sure that there is such an omnipresent/omniscient being, or whether heaven exists. Is there a middle ground in ToK?

Why might be attracted to the simplest or most elegant explanations?
I personally  prefer simple explanations over winding, complicated answers just because they seem less pretentious. I don’t know about the rest of human-kind, but maybe we find it easier to digest knowledge in bite size pieces? A bit like a puzzle. When we are given knowledge we make connections in our brains. It is probably more easy to comprehend something smaller than something larger and therefore harder to process. For example, we know that we’re all going to die one day, but you probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend that you WILL.

Why is self-regulation so important in science?
Self-regulation in science is of the utmost importance. On a physical (and more obvious note) you should be aware of not screwing up your experiment with your trailing sleeves, but to be serious, a scientist should not allow his or her personal emotions or bias get in the way of an experiment/conclusion. This might be easier said than done, but if emotion ruled over reason we would have questionable information under the “general knowledge” umbrella term simply because a bunch of scientists preferred the colour blue.

Given that no-one believes that there is a planet made of green cheese, what are the grounds for our confidence in such a statement?
There might be a planet of green cheese if there were beings out in space who knew how to produce cheese, or if there were such atmospheric and environmental conditions that could enable the creation of a green cheese planet. Then I wonder where the “green” in green cheese comes from. The phrase “green cheese” itself is so vague – is the cheese green, or is it moldy? Why would there be mold? Our scientific knowledge states that the conditions in the universe/outer space are pretty unfriendly to life. The word “cheese” to aliens might represent something entirely different from our cow/goat cheese.
Is this still ToK?

(Questions taken from Decoding TOK)


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