50s Denim Dress

I found this denim dress with a seriously 1950s silhouette at Zara and nearly cried; it’s so cool and has this vintage-y look that I love. It’s got a semi-fitted bodice, full knee-length skirt, silver snap buttons, and kind of looks like something that a Californian gold rush miner might’ve worn in the 20th century. Only made into a dress and more fashion-forward over functionality (this would be soo impractical to work in).l1050529-1

The sleeves are actually quite long though, so I rolled them up just so that everything balanced out proportionally. Since I’m so short, I almost always need to alter my clothes.

I actually just got back from Lhasa yesterday. My school runs an annual Challenge Week, when students can go overseas in groups. This year, I went to Tibet with my friends, and it was one of the most memorable overseas trips that I’ve had so far.

This silver pendant is actually a miniature model of a prayer wheel that Tibetans often use.  Since Buddhism is so widespread in Tibet (the Dalai Lama holds residence there in Potala Palace whenever he visits Lhasa) and Lhasa is the city center at the heart of Tibet, the streets, shops and restaurants were filled with religious references.
Almost everybody walking around Barkhor Street was chanting mantras and waving their large prayer wheels in a clockwise direction. Inside the widest part of the prayer wheel, a mantra or prayer is written in paper and placed inside it so that when it rotates, the message is sent up to heaven and the gods will supposedly receive your prayers.



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