recipe: greek yoghurt parfait with chocolate, cacao and cereal

Yesterday’s university fair got me thinking – I shouldn’t just look for universities. In fact, I should practice my horrifying cooking skills! So last night I made penne with Greek yoghurt, cheese and kale. There was some yoghurt left in the fridge afterschool, and after a brief experiment this is the result. 

This is for any beginner cooks/high school students out there – all you need is a few ingredients, 10 minutes and your hands to make a sweet and relatively healthy(?) afterschool snack. If you have leftover biscuits or pretzels you could add them in too. 

what you’ll need:

(amounts vary depending on how much you feel like consuming)

  • dark/milk chocolate chips or Nutella
  • plain Greek yoghurt
  • breakfast cereal/granola
  • cacao nibs
  • ( your hands)

1. Melt the chocolate in a bainmarie. To do this, place the chocolate into a bowl, and place it in a bowl of hot water. Allow the heat to indirectly melt the chocolate (2-3 minutes). Spoon the chocolate into the bottom of your glass. If you’re using Nutella, no need for bainmarie – directly place it in the glass. 

2. Assemble your parfait. Add Greek yoghurt, cereal or granola and cacao nibs. Drizzle with remaining chocolate and enjoy. 

I ate this at 6:30pm because I am an illogical child. 4pm would be more appropriate but it depends on how quickly you get hungry 🙂


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