joggers and collars

Fun fact: sweatpants have actually been around for almost 100 years!!  Émile Camuset, the owner of French sportswear store “Le Coq Sportif” invented this very comfortable legwear back in the 1920s. However, the sweatpants of yesteryear didn’t look particularly attractive – they were intended only as exercise gear for astronauts. It was revolutionary; Camuset’s use of stretchy jersey fabric (previously reserved for men’s underwear but similarly popularized by Coco Chanel in the 1920s) enabled the wearer to exercise in ease. However, they were quickly adopted by your average athlete because of their comfort. To meet the demands of people today, there are a multitude of colors and materials, in part due to the sportswear-as-casualwear craze and less emphasis on wearing clothing strictly for its intended purpose (think chunky air trainers instead of formal dress shoes to go for a buffet lunch). There’s even a song called “Sweatpants” by Childish Gambino, the title of which pays homage to this unassuming article of clothing.

As for my favourite pair of sweatpants, I’ve been wearing this pair of joggers/sweatpants for about a year – I bought one pair each of green and navy and they have been in almost constant rotation this winter. They’re not made of traditional jersey and are more lightweight and made of stretchy windbreakeresque fabric. 
My second favourite article of clothing is a button down. Put them together and you have a happy child!


Necklace: Handmade
Cardigan: ZARA Kids
Shirt: M&S Indigo
Pants: Uniqlo
Polish: 3 Concept Eyes #BL06


3 Comments Add yours

  1. dombagnoche says:

    I love your homemade necklace wow 😍

    1. dombagnoche says:

      Handmade** autocorrect 🙂

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