and that’s a wrap!

I’ve always been entranced by the concept of dressing in a single piece of cloth and tying it together as opposed to modern zips and secure fastenings like buttons. There’s something liberating but also more delicate about tying something like a ballerina wrap cardigan, because if it’s not secure, the knot could come loose without warning. It’s difficult to imagine how people managed to get by without elastic or polymers to make synthetic, stretchy materials like spandex, a bit like imagining a world without electricity and simple tasks like ironing would take double the time,  sweat and double the danger. There’s an artwork by Edgar Degas called “Women Ironing” and apparently it shows how back in the day you had to heat two irons simultaneously by the fire to heat the metal. To pick one up, you wrapped the handle with a cloth and pressed it on the clothes to flatten out the creases, and once it cooled you’d use the other iron on the fire. To a 21st century child, that sounds like an awful lot of work. 

I’m no photographer but lately I’ve been experimenting with the different settings on my camera. I’ve yet to understand how double exposure works exactly, or how to do proper light trail photographs, but I find that composition interests me a lot. A good example of composition in a frame would be Wes Anderson’s film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. There’s symmetry in every shot, which just somehow makes each action more comedic and simultaneously unrealistic but believable. The ridiculousness often undermines the serious nature of the story, which I will not divulge here for those of you who have not yet seen it. 

Anyway, here are a few outfit shots which I tried to edit on Photoshop (the scenery was too boring) which were inspired by an Agnes b. advertisement that I saw once with lots of flowers. 

dress : Topshop Petite Ditzy Wrap Dress

cardigan : thrifted (courtesy my mom)


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  1. Hiding behind those flowers is lovely ♡ nice photo shoot!

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