to Be(atle) or not to Be

Not-so funny story:

Last summer, I went to London with a bucket list that contained one singular aim –
to get myself a Queen or Killers band shirt. So, I went to a band merch store near 221B Baker Street whose front window was plastered with Jimi Hendrix and the Sex Pistols.

‘HmMmm, they’ve gotta have a Queen shirt’, I thought to myself.

I returned as lacking-a-band-shirt as I had went in. So I crossed the road and bought myself the next best thing, a stereo-typical Beatles T-Shirt! (Get the pun? Mono and stereo? It’s ok, I’ll show myself the way out.)

Growing up, the apartment was almost always filled with music; the radio, classical or compilation CDs, or me playing the piano or violin. I was initially somewhat hesitant at getting a Beatles T-Shirt since I do like the Beatles but the Killers and Queen hold more bildungsromanesque memories from my initial transition from unaware child to teen.

My friend showed me the Killers when I was around 12 or 13, and that was the starting point of my introduction to the alternative music that I listen to now. My parents used to play Queen at home. We’d borrow CDs from the Public Library, and I remember my dad loved wailing along to “Love of my Life”. We listened to the Beatles and John Lennon (who I used to call ‘John Lemon’) when mom did the laundry, especially “Jealous Guy” and of course, “Imagine”, which seems just as relevant every single decade since its release.

Although in the end, I didn’t get either shirt, I don’t mind the Beatles. Anyway, apparently every band aspires to mimick their sound? Or so I’ve heard, but that generalization seems a bit over-generalized IMO. I tried to pick the least blatantly obvious shirt – this one features the cover of ‘With the Beatles’ and all four faces – Ringo, George, John and Paul. I’m glad my parents introduced me to a lot of old pop or rock bands, as well as classical music, the Sound of Music and lastly, Studio Ghibli 🙂


Scarf: Knitted by grandma
Shirt: Beatles Store London
Skirt: Vintage, handmade by grandma
Sandals: Freelance Shoes Australia


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