tropical cold

Sitting just above the Meridian, Hong Kong can have bipolar weather – hot one day, incrementally cooler the next day, and turn hellishly rainy for no good reason. On Thursday and Friday I went with around 40 or so of my schoolmates on our HKAYP hiking trip which required backpacking + 20 km with our heavy equipment and water. This was our assessment trip, and the teachers were extra cryptical during each group’s navigation. My group was called “Are We There Yet?”, a name which the teachers used unsparingly to mess with what was left of our energy and desire to socialise. 

What I liked about the expedition was that although it was strenuous and physically gruelling (particularly at night time when it rained and the cold wetness seeped into our sleeping mats and stole into all our clothes), nevertheless it trains your mind to keep pushing forwards. Added to the personal satisfaction when you get to the top of the mountain and chill out while eating Oreos and take commemorative photos. 

My muscles were able to recover much better this time round – maybe it was to do with the pad Thai we all consumed afterwards in Sai Kung? Anyway, on Saturday I somehow managed to pull my sorry ass out of bed and go back to school for Interhouse Music rehearsals. This was the outfit I wore because my legs refused to wear pants and it was too cold to wear only the dress. 🙂

jumper : Moses Aaron / dress : vintage Mastina / coat : Zara


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