vlog: Mid-Levels, Bun Xuong Nuong & M&S Food

Last Sunday my mom and I went to the Mid-Levels, located in Central District in Hong Kong to spend my first fully relaxing weekend in weeks. On Saturday, I thought it was the end of the weekend because I’m so used to having 1-day weekends!

The Mid-Levels is most well-known for the escalator. There is a massive, continuous one that begins at the bottom of the mountain and goes up all the way. It opened in the 1990s as an alternative to taking all the winding roads up and down the mountain, and is a tourist attraction. However, the escalators only go down in the morning, so if you live there and forget something at home then you’re in trouble!

For lunch, we went to BÊP, a little Vietnamese restaurant tucked in a pseudo-alleyway next to Pure Fitness. We ordered Bun Xuong Nuong; honey roasted pork with shredded vegetables, vietnamese rice noodles and light sauce. I wanted to try making a little video journal of my day with my camera, so here it is! Enjoy.


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