My aunt gave me this vintage silk dress from Tara Jarmon about a year or two ago. It’s got a big, pointy collar reminiscent of Mia Wallace’s (although Mia’s is more clean-cut and crisper), shell buttons and a bronze pattern that resembles the structure of DNA with some imagination.

It’s pretty fitted, and admittedly I do get self-conscious when I wear it. But it’s got a definitive vintage style, and the colour is attention-grabbing. As with most nice clothes, I did consider keeping it for ‘special occasions’, but the more I ruminate I lose the courage to wear it out! To try and challenge myself to be more assertive, this is the dress to wear – it feels peculiar to wear something that clearly isn’t with the times, but it does make me feel special!

I really like wearing all sorts of clothes, no matter how out-dated, even though people sometimes think they’re bizarre. My personal opinions are often swayed by people’s judgement, especially my mom’s. Since she’s got a good eye for observing the little details, her opinion really matters. But sometimes her criticisms really stick with me, to the point of doubting my own likes and dislikes. Today, she said that the dress that I thrifted in Central was “too old” for me, a comment which I fixated during my entire train ride home. It’s not a big deal, so I’m not sure why I was so bothered by it.

If there’s still time to make a new year’s resolution, self-confidence is what I want!

L1100032 copy

This isn’t the most natural pose in the world, but it does show that the dress drapes pretty nicely…

L1100030 copy


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