King Midas’ ice cream

Last October we visited Kanazawa, and one of the things that I wanted to do before we left was eat their gold-leaf soft-serve ice cream! Partly for the hell of it, but also because WHAT DOES GOLD TASTE LIKE? was the predominate question upon my mind. Although I failed to accomplish my mission last year in 2016, I did it this time and ate them twice to boot!

Ice Cream 1:

Last year when we visited, they ran out of soft serve ice cream. This time I managed to swipe one at a courtyard with a red building. It was good. It’s basically your usual soft serve and they put the gold leaf sheet on with a set of tweezers. The gold is backed with a sheet of paper since it’s so light and fragile. 

Ice Cream 2:

There was a huge queue outside this store outside the entrance to the Kenroku-en Garden exit 兼六園入口. It was worth it though. The ice cream was soft, creamy and abundant. It cost about ¥890 yen. I guess you could say I’m yening for more •_<

So, the final verdict?

Both were equally good, although the last one had much more ice cream and seemed more substantial even though I wasn’t eating comparatively. The gold doesn’t actually taste of anything. Sorry to disappoint! It’s more of an über materialistic, psychological thing. 

Another thing to consider is that if you add up everyone’s excrement you could probably find my entire university tuition… I’ll let you digest that one. 


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