Nagoya – Gifu – Toyama – Tateyama – Kanazawa lookbook  4/2017

We took a 5-day tour from the 12-16th April through Japan. Our driver was Telada-san and he had more stamina than the rest of us. The bus began at Nagoya and travelled through Seki, Gifu, Nanao, Tateyama, Toyama, Takaoka, Kanazawa, Shirakawa, and Hida.

The weather was cold but perfect! The cherry blossoms had opened in full bloom for the week and the timing was just right for good photos. This time, I packed more for warmth and comfort (since I heard that the Japan Alps and Tateyama Alpine Route would be minus 0 degrees).

day 5: white sweater vest (Uniqlo), navy jogger pants (Uniqlo), red monogram scarf and socks

day 4: dressing for the wilderness – Aigle cable knit sweater, Zara jacket, Tabio stockings, Uniqlo ripped pants, mismatched socks from the Tateyama souvenir store and vintage earrings

day 3: Aigle cable knit sweater, Uniqlo button down, vintage skirt handmade by Grandma and Tabio stockings with vintage jewelry + dad’s retro snap-on shades

day 2: swimming in Leandro Erlich’s pool in Aaron Moses cashmere sweater, Uniqlo button-down shirt, Uniqlo ripped pants and Japanese printed bandanna

day 1: hotel yukata (dressing for the Japanese hot spring spa “onsen”) indicated by the symbol ♨️

day 1 continued: thrifted sweater from Mee and Gee (Li Yuen Street West), Japanese printed bandanna, Tory Burch striped shirt, Uniqlo pants, Samuel & Ashley leather bag and vintage jewelry


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