How to get a Red-eye…without Flash!

The answer? Red eyeshadow. (ha, ha.)

Lame jokes aside, this gal’s been dying to find red eyeliner for ages. Ever since I saw it on Soko – courtesy of her MAC lip pencil – it’s been love at first sight, but one thing’s for sure: anyone can rock red eye makeup. Even the boys – see fig. 1 Jack White and fig. 2 Gerard Way.

IMG_9370 copyInitially I tried smudging on my lipstick onto my eyelids, but that stuff is after all, for your lips. What was intended to have a moisturizing effect on my lips had a mega I-just-got-punched-by-an-oily-hand effect on my lids. The morale of this story is: if it says “lipstick”, use it only on your lips and nowhere else, unless you’re stuck in the Antarctic without moisturiser and don’t have beeswax, seal blubber (as horrifying as it may seem, in the old days was used to trap moisture into skin), or lanolin then in which case, feel free to slather your limbs in lipstick.

Anyway, after some disappointing forages into Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Japan, today I found out that Shu Uemura sells pressed red eyeshadow for 160 HKD per square pan! Although I loved the color, I didn’t love the price.

IMG_9371 copyRemembering that there was a newly-opened Italian makeup store, I checked out Kiko Milano. This was my first purchase, a Smart Colour eyeshadow that only cost 49 HKD! I was blown away by the color payoff and the quality is really good for the price. It was surprising that the makeup was manufactured in Italy too, since nowadays many of the cheaper cosmetics are manufactured in China. It was definitely an unexpected surprise and a total game-changer; I’m afraid that what’s left of my self-control has gone down the drain!

Here’s a bad photo of my eyelids which I edited to make more palatable. I used this shade (#14 Matte Red Smart Colour Eyeshadow) photographed above, and a purple shade from my trusty L’Oréal Rosé Nude Palette which is equally great. 🙂

Since I have monolids, I like to apply it in a thin line so that the colour only flashes out when I close my eyes. For a more filled-out, proper eyeshadow look (or worried about wearing bright colours on your lids) you can tone down a big expanse of red matte eyeshadow with some browner hues to emphasise your lashes. 

FullSizeRender 15 copy
Indoor lighting

Outdoor lighting


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