tropical-weather denim

Lauded for its versatility, denim is something so popular that it’s recognised around the world- but as I live just above the equator, it’s far too steamy to be on double denim duty. The solution? Find a blue cotton top instead of a full-on denim one which I am 1. Too poor to afford and 2. Do you ever feel clunky in a denim top? I’m all for blue cotton flannel or shirting, but not in love with a full-on denim top. 

Aside from this, I just discovered the liquify tool on Adobe Illustrator! and I went overboard with making what hopefully looks like flames(? or just squiggles. Maybe it looks like Greased Lightning now…)

Also my mom showed me this super cool necklace made out of an old Hong Kong coin from 1972 which had been recast and gilded into a pendant. It’s pretty; herein lies the irony of having money you can’t spend……..

Although I do love my fair share of shopping, it seems as though the clothes I reach for the most are these two. I’ve had them for 2-3 years or so and the shorts have faded quite a lot, but they’re definitely the comfiest. Someone said that style can be effortless? Now I don’t know if this counts, but I didn’t think twice about putting these on so maybe it is. 

Shirt and belt: Uniqlo / Shorts: Mango / Bag: Zara / Jewelry: vintage/from PMQ/shoutout to mom’s friend who sold us super classy jewelry! All circa 2014/2015. 


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