Claddagh ring

A ring that you can wear four different ways? Yes, please!

There are three different parts to the ring, which my friend Enoch gave me last Christmas as a souvenir from Ireland (he goes to university at Cork) and as a token of friendship. He gave me a basic crash-course on the origins of the ring and its meaning.

L1070322The band is made up of three different symbols; a pair of hands, a heart, and a crown which each represent a different thing.
Hands = friendship
Heart = love
Crown = loyalty

You can also wear the ring in four different ways, and always on your ring finger – according to him, it shows your relationship status. Wearing the ring on your right hand with the heart pointing out to your fingertips means you’re single, and if it points inwards (toward your wrist) it means you’re in a relationship. If you’re wearing it on your left hand with the heart pointing out it signifies that you’re engaged, and if it points inwards then you’re married. It’s ever so slightly loose on my right ring finger, but since I’m a sucker for conventionality I wear it there anyway(!).

I love the idea of discovering a new culture and tradition behind the ring, and the folklore surrounding it. Apparently mothers give daughters their Claddagh rings, which are passed down through generations. If you’re Irish and you’re reading this, or if you have any knowledge on the ring, let me know in the comments below!


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