self-sew skirt

I sewed this skirt a month or two ago from some scrap red fabric lying around. It seemed like something was missing, so I stitched on two rows of blue lines down the sides. It makes it look a little more sporty and fluid, especially down the seams – I think I used the wrong kind of fabric because it seems too thin and crinkles easily when I sit down. Oh well; I’ll keep that in mind the next time I sew something similar. 

Also, this crop top provides endless possibilities for matching… I found this in my wardrobe yesterday after forgetting about it for two years. It’s from Forever 21 (I got it during the summer of 2015 in the US) and it’s actually knitted with a snug fit, but the pattern is tinged with an oriental feel which is reminiscent of Chinese vases. 

Here is a picture of me posing with a potted Christmas flower, just because it matched with the red flower in my hair, the skirt, and it reminded me of Mathilda from Léon. 



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