a miser and her perpendicular stripes

Grr. I’ve got a new addition to my list of pet peeves: traffic jams! They’re really the worst, particularly when you get off school early and you’re practically drooling just thinking about your lunch order. (Which for once will not be the over-greased canteen food of your culinary nightmares). Also if you’re really desperate to use the bathroom, but we’ll leave that in the realm of possibilities that I sincerely hope no-one will ever be forced to experience.

To relieve this short article of its introductory acidity, I present you with a photograph from a significantly less peeved day. This beautiful button-down shirt is one of my favourites right now – I got it for 40 HKD at the Me & G thrift store in Mong Kok. The mean miser in me can’t help but rejoice, “what a score!” The fabric is so comfortable and has a really lovely sheen, which is quite rare because sometimes shiny polyester looks a little tacky, whereas this shirt doesn’t look cheap at all. In fact, if I close my eyes and believe enough it looks like a Céline stripy shirt! Triple-whammy win.

Fabric aside, another selling point is it’s button placket. The horizontal stripes lie perpendicularly to the vertical stripes on the background and effectively elevate it from your typical striped shirt to a “wait…what?”-backtrack-causing moment.

Because the shirt serves as a killer outfit maker on its own, I wanted to go casual so it went to Mother’s Day lunch with denim cut-offs, leopard-print sandals and a red faux-leather duffel bag that I got from Zara at 100 HKD (more or less, I don’t remember). My mom gave me this cornflower blue leather belt a year ago but I never figured out how to wear it. The size of the golden buckle frightened me off, but it definitely works here and adds a bit of 90s edge. This shirt also worked with my favourite vintage teal skort with golden buttons and a handmade red skirt, so in a sense stripes can really be considered as neutrals if you wanna jazz up your outfit.


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