dressing up is better than emotional eating (?)

After eating a peculiar post-school snack of nattō (Japanese fermented soybeans), cake, and a slice of pomelo, I still felt rather forlorn – (un?)emotional eating did nothing to fill up the strange void in my chest. So I decided, what better way to cheer up than to try on a pair of my mother’s shoes? which of course led to a spontaneous dress-up moment.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Heels: What For?, a French shoe brand. I distinctly remember accompanying my mom in the Galleries Lafayette basement in 2015 to buy this bronze pair!
Sunnies: Vintage (on permanent loan from my dad)
Earrings: from my mom’s friend
Polish: MAC Mean & Green
Scissors: a present from my dad from a store specialising in haberdashery tools in Shanghai.

This dress was actually a hand-me-down from one of my cousins. Initially, the style of it didn’t appeal to me at ALL – I thought it looked dowdy, but now that my shoulders are broader it’s made all the difference as it looks and fits way better! There are bronze crystal buttons on the cuffs and neck, and hand-embroidered starburst sequins and bugle beads on the front. The cream lace has this super girly/romantic vibe, which is luckily offset with the short length of the skirt making it less old-style.

It’s a little weird when you look back at things that you didn’t like, and find that you appreciate them better in hindsight. Truthfully, I have yet to wear this dress out in public but can picture it at either a wedding or Sunday lunch, depending on which is more convenient realistic.


And yes, I do take dressing up quite seriously. 🙂

L1370318 copy 2
smaller 2

Look at all that painstaking hand embroidery.


Crystal buttons
A wooden necklace that my grandma gave me a few years ago. She made it from scratch back in the day and the colours are still just as vibrant.

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