it’s ac-tulle-y an angsty princess dress

I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m really careless when I sew clothes. I’m so obsessed with getting it done (so that I can wear it) that I don’t finish edges properly, or forget to check the alignment of details. These are all major crimes! Compare it to not adding salt and pepper to your eggs Benedict. My mother’s reaction is a litmus test for whether it’s been constructed decently or not.  A nod means “wow, good job it’s properly aligned for once!” or a disapproving cursory glance ( = you were rushing this, weren’t you? You WERE. How shameful.). Ninety percent of the time, it’s the disapproving stare.

Basically, the same thing happened here. I had this idea in the back of my head for about three weeks to a month. It was inspired by the over-size tulle dresses that Molly Goddard does, and the angsty neo-punk, rainbow, vibes from UNIF. I wanted to do a cross between the style of those brands, but make it something that I’d wear when supermarket shopping.
Or to a birthday party. You never know.

skirt fanned small

I bought this beautiful blue tulle a month ago at Sham Shui Po (the fabric/electronics/cheap-stuff district in Hong Kong) with absolutely no preconceived ideas about what to make with it. All I had was an image of an extremely gathered dress, rooted in my head, without considering whether it would actually look good in real life. I bought the black elastic band a few days ago (1 yard = HKD 10). It’s got four lines, like a rainbow, and achieved the UNIF-like look that I was aiming for.

L1370228 smol

with stars small

The goal was to make an edgier princess dress for teens. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but it sure feels good to have finished it. I think the special elastic band helps make it grungier. And less girly-girly, which is something that I really don’t like in girls’ clothes because frills unfortunately don’t look flattering on me. 😦

L1370606 copy smaller

Admittedly, the back is pretty messed up because I completely forgot about how the waistband needed to align! Funny story; my mom found a Gucci dress that looks pretty similar – similar shade, length and sleeves! Although it’s undeniably way more professional and detailed… In total it’s taken me two weekends whenever I finished some of my homework and wanted to take a break. I broke a needle when machining the skirt, but luckily I had a spare one around with me. 
A con of this dress is that the top is totally see-through… so uh, I’m definitely going to be wearing a tank top underneath!! I literally have no assets *lmao*. smooll

This tank top is actually a vintage top from my mom (she got it in Sydney from her flight attendant years). It has a really nice garden print replete with bugs, grass, flowers – you name it, it’s probably there. As a matter of fact, I sewed the bodice this top in mind to wear underneath, and I’m glad it worked out so well! The ear cuff and earring are also made by me.

What do you think? Should I change anything, or keep it the way it is? And how should I style it? Also I’d be really grateful if you guys had any other tips for sewing tulle, because my sewing sucks! 😉


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