How to Style a Piece that you avoid at ALL Costs

These are cut-off, straight leg pants from Gap (their 1969 Jeans line). Not wide enough to be funky, but not slim enough to look flattering on a petite girl like me. They were purchased as a half-hearted attempt to buy the perfect jeans – I knew they weren’t what I was looking for but I bought them anyway even though I thought they made my legs look like tree trunks.

So there they sat in my closet for about two years, until I decided today that I should get some value for money (as dad likes to say) out of my purchase. No more sticking with clothes that I’m a hundred-and-one percent comfortable in, because I knew they’re the safest and easiest way out.

IMG_1502 copy

I think the trick pulling off something that you’re not a hundred percent in love with is firstly confidence, but also wear something that you love to the point of saving for special occasions. Like these Nine West heels which I got in 2015 – I’ve literally only worn them three times because I saved them. The same value-for-money mindset applies here too; consider it this way, if you really love a jacket or a pair of shoes but you never wear them/it, no-one (not even yourself) will see you wearing them! Also, it was high time to break in these heels.

There was this JCrew video recommending the different ways to fold your jeans. I decided to try the 1986 cuff and was just the right width – it wasn’t too clunky and showed off my ankles (note: v. important for petite ladies! 🙂 )


banner stairs
This top is a 1990s Australian lace button-down jacket from my mom. I wore the jeans with my Nine West heels and Zara bag.


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