Hello, passerby. Thank you for checking out my humble blog-cum-(digital)-abode.

I started this blog at the primitive age of twelve or thirteen with the aspiration to blog consistently. I am currently sixteen, and have slightly more realistic – if not jaded – approach. 🙂 My favourite things in life are clothes, fashion, art, music, singing, sewing and occasionally being an angsty teen (not in any particular order).

I’m open to any music suggestions, inspirational novels or artists. If you want to share your most recent finds with me, hit the comment box below! Anything is appreciated; I’d like to get to know my audience better.

See you on the other side.

– C


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  1. Thanks so much for following First Night Design!

  2. dosirakbento says:

    hi, thank you for following my blog. I hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches.

  3. Gypsy Tan says:

    Love your blog!
    Glad I found you 🙂

    xx Gypsy Tan
    Blog | Instagram | Blogloving

  4. Shirley says:

    Love your blog :))

    1. chezzachooun says:

      Thank you! Glad ya like 🙂

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