Californication Reimagined

Most of you will probably know the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ song ‘Californication’. The lyrics paint a picture of materialism, and reveal the dark quest for eternal youth and beauty. It occurred to me that drugstores operate in a similar way – slimming lotions, cosmetics and products that promise blemish-free skin. Depending on where you live, these…


  Research Question: To what extent are Yves Saint Laurent’s women’s wear designs influenced by modern art? Artists to look at : Piet Mondrian Henri Matisse -cubism (start of modern art) (photography) -The role of women in society after the war -Cezanne (founder of modern art) and Picasso influenced by Africa – Bridget Riley (op…

porcelain dress

In a slightly related response to the feminist marches in Washington, I put together a photo reminiscent of “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The novel is part murder mystery but also social commentary on all kinds of concepts that are still relevant today: machismo, gender oppression, the religious Madonna-whore dichotomy and…

drawing faces

here are some sketchy things done in different media and styles. I’ve still got a long way to go, but here’s to progress 🙂

wall mural

Last week, my history teacher asked me and a few other classmates if we could come in to work on a mural for his classroom. (Since we finished our IGCSEs, we’ve basically gotten 1 and ½ weeks of extra summer holiday) The mural design is based around Chinese Communist propaganda from the 1950s onwards, and…


My iGCSE mocks are finally over!!! To celebrate I doodled on some spare card stock. I haven’t had time to draw recently and I want to improve on my drawing skills so here are a couple of faces.         Inspired from a photo on Instagram (I tried to draw Hari Nef)   Some fairly overwhelming…

previous illustrations

One of my biggest crimes is my lack of proportion when it comes to drawing bodies. Trust me, I am trying to work on my deficiency. These were done in watercolour, ballpoint pen and Copic markers.   

recent (small) drawings

Christmas and New Years – the perfect time to sit back and draw whatever the fvck I want. Regardless of whether I’m on a bumpy bus ride or hiding under the covers. I WILL do it BECAUSE IT’S MY HOLIDAY MUAHAHA

some (rather cute) short animations

My friend showed me these short animations. I thought they were amazing, funny, and thought-provoking. The refrigerator short film is my favourite!

Supervenus by Frédéric Doazan

This amazing clip by Frédéric Doazan shows the gruesome but sadly true story of modern day expectations of beauty and how women feel pressured to change their appearance to suit these expectations. The short film was entered into the 17th Brussels Short Film Festival. I found this clip somewhat enthralling and interesting, although a little…